Budoten Affiliate-Programme

For all advertising campaigns, press releases, publications, mailings and other forms of publication (including those on your own site) of your partner website, or in any other form linked to your participation in the Budoten Affiliate Programme, the following guidelines will apply.

Press- and Advertising Guidelines for Affiliates and Participants of the Budoten Affiliate Programme

Without prior agreement you can always state, that you are Affiliate of Budoten and / or that you take part in the Budoten Affiliate Programme.

Any other announcements or descriptions of the Budoten Affiliate Programme require our prior agreement. Please send your concept by email to: info@budoten.com

Please note the following points so that we can agree with your concept:

  • In every action must be clear that you are participant in the Budoten Affiliate Programme. 
  • In every action your presentation of the affiliate programme must comply with the current affiliate programme. Your concept must be clear and may not falsify the affiliate programme in any way. Please note that we do not approve publications, which distort the Budoten Affiliate Programme. Use therefore the description of the affiliate no terms such as "network","partner","seller" or "resellers".
  • Your concept may not give the impression as if it was initiated by Budoten.
  • Never use any information from media reports about Budoten in your advertising campaign. It is not allowed, to use any elsewhere publishes citations of Budoten's senior employees or to use information of that kind. Use the benefits of your own website and set yourself as the initiator.
  • It is not possible, to provide data or citations of senior employees to the affiliate programme.
  • You may not spam! This is one reason for termination of your participation in the Affiliate Program. As a affiliate of Budoten you may not advertise on discussion forums or other internet platforms. Sending promotional mailings via email is acceptable only if the recipient expressly requests these information. You are required when advertising your website to lay open your identity, your email address and your URL.
  • You may advertise your site by mailings, if the recipient are customers of your service, and if they have the opportunity to unsubscribe from your mailing. Ask the moderator of this mailing list. Furthermore you may advertise via newsgroups, where commercial ads are allowed.
  • Your advertising must always comply with the standard practice of the chosen forum or media. We expect, that you respect restrictions of limitations of advertising by the addressees of your advertising.  
  • You must present yourself always as clearly independent unit of Budoten and any other affiliate.

Budoten reserves the right to change these policies at any time in its sole discretion. Furthermore Budoten will take action against individuals or companies breaching these guidelines.

Make sure, you get your Benefit! About the Budoten Affiliate Programme.

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