Budoten Affiliate-Programme

Techniques for Improving Merchandising

Use the Budoten brand in your Links

Many sites find that, since their visitors’ trust the Budoten name, adding the brand to their links will increase the number of click-throughs or improve their conversion rate. Our services do not only include one of the most comprehensive supplies in Germany, but a great customer service as well. Our long term experiences with the old partner program we are using now at Budoten too.

Make your links prominent

Have product links at the top of every page. This makes it so customers don't have to scroll to buy. You might want to place links at the top and bottom of your pages, ensuring that an opportunity to buy is always visible to the customer. You can change the size or colour of your link as well, or even animate it, to draw more attention. Experimenting with text links can also yield results, e.g., using boldface or different text colours. Note that Budoten successfully uses the technique of placing a buy box prominently in the top-right corner of every product detail.

Highlight your connection between your site and Budoten

How it could look like:

John Doe Ltd. - Budoten Martial Arts Supply
Judo Club New Castle - in cooperation with Budoten.com
John Doe- Affiliate of Budoten Martial Arts Supply

Decide on your own, which links might be best suitable for your website:

  • Use Product Links for pages with pages with specific content. For instance, if you are reviewing a product, provide a direct link to that product in the body of your review. You can have several links on a single page, but make sure they work together and address different needs.
  • Always strive to describe your presentation interesting and exact - thus your visitors will come back more often to look for the most recent presentations.
  • Link to our home page. This is the most easy and fastest way to create a link to Budoten. You can choose from our library one of the Budoten logo and place it at on your website. Give it a place at your very first page.
  • Use Search Box Links or links to the Budoten home page for pages with general content. Some of our best-converting messages are small enough so they won't overwhelm your pages, and appeal to your visitors who might want to shop, but aren't sure of exactly what they want to buy.
  • Use the Budoten quick link for linking to our site. Thus giving your visitors the opportunity to get a summary of our supply by using a specific keyword.

Many sites find that, since their visitors’ trust the Budoten name, adding the brand to their links will increase the number of click-throughs or improve their conversion rate.

Don't forget a very important point: Your visitors must know, that they can buy these products online and how it works! Following you will find some ideas how you can present our products:

  • Verweisen Sie auf die "Produktecke" oder den Produktbereich Ihrer Homepage (oder Ihrer Site). Als Faustregel hierbei gilt: Größtes Interesse für Ihre Präsentationen erzeugen Sie durch einen Hinweis direkt auf der Homepage. Je weiter entfernt dieser von der Startseite einer Homepage ist, umso seltener wird er von Anwendern benutzt.
  • Emphasize, that all presented products can be purchased. (Use words like "buy", "purchase", "offer" oder "shopping").
  • Make it easy for customers to find your store within your Web site. If you are going to spend a lot of time building links and creating stores, make sure it's easy for your customers to find the products you feature. You can do this by placing a link to your store at the top of every page.
  • Use the Budoten logo or one of our banners to increase your sales. We provide you with logos, graphics and pictures for any product category.
  • Our experience shows, that using images increases helps increasing sales significantly. You can take adavantage too by copying product images or you use product links.

Increase your Success with our Gift Service

Cross your heart: Did you know, that Budoten is delivering gifts world wide? Together with a personal notice a nice wrapped. Why shouldn't you suggest this special customer service to your visitors and increas your referrals?

It should not take too much time

Internet-surfer (and your visitors are among them) always give as one of the most important reasons for their satisfaction the speed of a website. All used graphics make your website look nicer but it will lead to a slow website. You should plan the usage of pictures and if possible use images with a reduced colour-scale (5-bit). As your visitors may enjoy your website better, it should be worth to you.

Point out Customer and Delivery Service

Budoten is known for his excellent customer service and the possibility to deliver to any national and international address. Emphasize these points more on your webiste and make your visitors understood, that they may expect a first class customer service.

Link to the following pages to give your customers the necessary service information:

Budoten Shipping
- http://faq.budoten.com/en/hilfe-start/hilfet2.htm
Budoten Help
- http://faq.budoten.com/en/
Budoten Safety Guarantee
- http://faq.budoten.com/en/sicherheitsgarantie.htm

Shopping with Budoten is absolutely safe and does not cause any risk to the customer. Every purchase is covered by our safety guarantee. Secure server software will reliably encrypt any information and ensures highest secrecy and security of any transaction.

Data security is a very important aspect to the customer. The protection of all personal related customer data is of highest importance to Budoten. Please inform potential customers as early as possible, that ordering with Budoten is absolutely safe with secrecy of all transmitted data.

This is guaranteed by the shop quality certificates, which had been awarded to Budoten as one of the very first martial arts suppliers in the internet.

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