Budoten Affiliate-Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Summary

1. How can I join the Budoten Affiliate Programme?

Please read the Programme Operating Agreement.

Please fill out the online registration form to join the programme.
After completing your registration you will have instant access. You can continue to the PartnerNet. Login with your username and password. We will help you building your personal product area. Our "Link-Generator" provides you with tools which will help you creating links for nearly any page of our catalogue. Plzus we have a lot of banners and graphics, marketing tips and custom reports and statistics. Thus you can not only create an attractive product area but you are always informed on your current referral fee account.

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2. Will I have to bear any costs as affiliate?

No. There are neither any membership fees nor any other costs. There are no fees for any purchases via your links nor minimum sales. You only can win as affiliate of Budoten!

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3. Since when does the Budoten Affiliate Programme exist?

The affiliate programme of Budoten exists already since July 2000. Since then our programme had developed to an successful cooperation modell in the internet with steadly growing participants.

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4. Which Websites may not join our Affiliate Programme?

Most websites may join the Budoten Affiliate Programme. We may reject your application if we determine (at our sole discretion) that your site is unsuitable for the Programme. Unsuitable sites include, but are not limited to, those that:

  • promote sexually explicit materials
  • promote violence
  • promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • promote illegal activities
  • breach intellectual property rights

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5. May I join the Affiliate Programme from outside Germany?

Yes, you can join the affiliate programme even if you live outside Germany. Our affiliates come from all countries of the world and we welcome every day new application from all over the world. To join the programme you need only a website which comply with our programme operating agreement.

Please read the Programme Operating Agreement carefully, before you join the affiliate programme. We may withhold your final payment for a reasonable time to ensure that the correct amount is paid, latest 30 days upon ending of the respective quarter. International participants of the affiliate programme may select payment by cheque or by a voucher for the Budoten shop. Simply choose your favourite payment by "payment option" in the Budoten PartnerNet. Participants from European Union we recommend the EU money transfer. Please provide you international bank account details.

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6. How should my website look like?

Every website is unique. Therefore we can not give any recommendation how your website should look like. Basically, your recommendations or links integrate into the design of your website. If you are just about planning your new website, everything is up to you. Choose a unique, personal design with a high recognition value. In our PartnerNet you will find many tools and tips which will help you building a successful shopping area at your URL.

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7. I don't understand neither HTML nor do I have any software to create a website. Will Budoten help me?

As we have many affiliates, we can not help you creating your website or teach you HTML. But we have a simple way to create individual links for your site.

In our PartnerNet you will find many code-snipets, which you customize within seconds. Individual product-link, subject- or page-related links or searchfield-links are possible and easy to integrate into your website. They will instantly generate referral fees for you.

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8. Which products shall I recommend?

All products, which represent certain topics, subjects are themes of your website, are first class classic reference-products. Choose your favourites and give expert tips which will incite a spontaneous purchase. The more you orient your website on the needs of your visitors, the more they will follow your recommendation-links.

No time for details? No problem, since with a simple link to the Budoten homepage you will already earn referral fees. The Budoten searchfield is even better as it will take your visitors directly to the products they are looking for.

Keep your site always up to date by changing the recommended products from time to time. Subscribe to our newsletter, to stay informed on current specials. More tips you will find in the PartnerNet. There you will find your individual link formats.

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9. I would like to suggest additional items for the Budoten shop. Is this possible?

We are always interested in extending our supply. Suggest your products by email. We will contact you.

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10. I have more than one URL. Will I have to register all URLs for the Affiliate Programme?

You can, but you must not. Choose between two opportunities:

  • You can register one time with all URLs. All generated referral fees assigned with your partner-id. You can check your activities in one report. The reports and statistics are available in you personal PartnerNet. You have one unique partner-id. Therefore you can not find out, which of your sites had been most successful in generating referral fees.
  • You can register every URL by creating one account per URL. Thus you have a unique partner-id for each URL. Most of our affiliates prefer this kind of registration as they receive detailed reports on each of their websites. Please note, that referral fees are paid out per account not as a whole. Budoten will withhold referral fees until the total amount due of at least 15,00  Euro is reached.

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11. May I collect orders at my Website and send the order and customer data later to Budoten?

No. As agreed in the Affiliate Programme Operating Agreement no referral fees will be generated. If you would like to do so, you can create a customer account at Budoten and register as reseller.

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12. May non-business site-owners join the Budoten Affiliates Programme?

Yes. But due to the national booke price binding there will be generated no referral fees for books, videos, and cd's.

If you join the programme we presume, that you are basically a non-business affiliate.
Joining as "business" is presumed if:

  • your company is corporation or
  • you have a registered business

Anyway, we always need your VAT-Reg.-ID or your business registration and your respective tax registration number. Please send this information to us by fax or email any always include in your correspondence your partner-id

fax +49-(0)3533-519510

email: info@budoten.com

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Referral Fees

1. What products qualify for referral fees?

In principle, any item is qualified for referral fees (commissions).

Associates earn referral fees when visitors follow links from their sites to Budoten, make a purchase, and the item is dispatched. These links can be to individual products, pages of search results, the Budoten home page, or any other page at Budoten. Associates can also place product search boxes on their sites. Please note that referral fees are calculated on the sale price, not the list price, of each qualifying item.

You will earn Qualifying Revenues from sales of all Budoten Qualifying Product units sold during sessions initiated through Special Links on your site of at least 5% of the unit price. Higher conversion rates will increase your referral fees to up to 15%.

Please note, that Budoten voucheres and sold out, not delivered and returned products do not generate referral fees.

Please read our Affiliate Programme Operating Agreement. You will find there detailed information, how referral fees are generated.

Own purchases do not generate referral fees.

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2. What referral fees can I earn?

Please refer to the associates programme operation agreement. There you will find detailed information, how the referral fees (commissions) are calculated.

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3. How does Budoten track purchases from my site?

At your registration you get a unique partner-id. This ID is an important part of every link, which identifies orders from your site. Budoten does not use cookies as many users don't accept cookies.

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4. Can I check my referral fees and reports online?

Yes. Upon registration you have acces to your PartnerNet. There you can check your current referral fees as well as any reports and statistics. The reports will show you the amount of generated referral fees. Furthermore you will receive an email upon any order via your affiliate link with details on the ordered items. To  protect the privacy of our customers we do not provide any personal data.

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5. How will referral fees be paid out?

All referral fees will be paid upon request. As described in the Affiliates Progamme Operating Agreement Budoten will withhold referral fees until the total amount due of at least 15,00  Euro is reached. If we don't have a business registration and/or a value added tax registration (information on your VAT-Reg.ID.) we will withhold the value added tax..

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6. Will I earn referral fees for own orders via my Website?

As agreed in Affiliates Programme Operating Agreement any purchase of your own will not generate any referral fee.

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7. May I get a voucher instead of the referral fee debit?

When you register for the affiliate programme you can choose, how we shall pay the referral fees. All affiliates inside Germany or other members of the European Union may choose between payment by money transfer or voucher. Affiliates from outside the European Union may choose between a cheque and a voucher. You can change your payment options any time. Open the Budoten PartnerNet and choose your preferred mode of paymen.

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8. As for referral fees - are there any minimum order requirements?

No. There are neither any minium sales nor minium order total requirements. Subject to the other terms of this Affiliates Programme Operating Agreement, you will earn Qualifying Revenues from sales of all Budoten Qualifying Product units sold during sessions initiated through Special Links on your site as follows. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the referral fee payable on any Product under the Performance Fee Structure is limited to a maximum of 7,50 Euro per item.

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