Budoten Affiliate-Programme

Individual Link Formats

With the Budoten link formats you get the most powerful marketing instruments of e-commerce in your hands. Simply choose the links, by which you can adapt the shopping opportunities best to the design of your website.
The more specific the content of your website is, the more targeted you can link. Recommend single items, books and videos or weapons and take your visitor directly to the product he is looking for.


Freedom for individual whishes guarantees the Budoten search engine.
Enhance your new service with this interactive feature and increase the buying incitement at your website.

Actuality and especially hot tips are the result if you link to our shopping categories. A homepage-link with the Budoten logo means: low effort and high benefit.

Whatever you choose, you will earn for any via your link ordered product a commission of at least 5%.

The PartnerNet will offer member of the Budoten Partnerprogramme all useful utilities for creating an individual product area at your website.

Find out yourself in our PartnerNet preview.

Make sure, you get your Benefit! About the Budoten Affiliate Programme.

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